can stories help?…

From an interview with Florian Gallenbergert, scriptwriter, student & short Oscar winner (‘Lufthansa magazine‘ 05/2009)

Everyone seems to be talking about the crisis these days.  People feel uncertain, even fearful about the future.  Can stories help?

Yes, I’m certain they can.  We need stories to live, and that’s something we become especially aware of in a crisis.  Just now, the feeling that material wealth can’t bring happiness is stronger than ever.  A good story can make us happy, an account statement with a string of zeros will not.  According to Freud, the fact that children don’t dream about money proves that money doesn’t make you happy.  Another analogy:  If your digestive system doesn’t work, we get sick.  Telling stories is a way of digesting life and if that doesn’t happen, we have a problem.

Stories put us in context.  And that’s all that happens when you tell a story.  You feel connected with the world, feel truly alive.  When people can no longer see themselves in a context, they feel stranded.  Stories are not about financial or economic values, they’re about human values.  And those never change.  Movies play a vital social role, an immeasurable role.  But then, you can’t measure love either.