AC Whalan Composites

    AC Whalan Composites

    A.C. Whalan Composites specialize in the Design and Manufacture of Filament Wound Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP).
  • Ventilation Ducting

    Ventilation Ducting

    MAXIFLOW MV Ventilation Ducting is undoubtedly the market leader when it comes to underground mining & tunnelling ventilation.
  • ISO certification

    ISO certification

    Through quality product manufacturing and management systems, AC Whalan Composites has obtained certification under the BSI - Quality Management System to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 standard.
  • Proud Distributors

    Proud Distributors

    A C Whalan Composites Pty Ltd, proudly support and distribute the other companies products, including Perma Composites and HC Bridge Company.
  • Composite Power Poles

    Composite Power Poles

    Australia's first 100% Australian made Composite Power Pole. Fire resistant, light weight, manufactured in a one piece construction using the filament winding manufacturing process.
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There are 10 stylistic module class suffixes which provide a unique style variation to the module: title1-4 and box1-6. The title suffixes can be combined with rt-title-arrow suffix; and the box suffixes can be combined with rt-bevel suffix. There are also rt-basic and rt-shadow suffixes; and various additional structural suffixes, these affect the layout and metrics of the module.

Furthermore, you can also add FontAwesome icons into the Module Class Suffix. You will get a medium sized icon to the left of the title. Suffixes are in the icon-NAME format such as icon-star, as shown on the Typography page.

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