Please note that my fees are set based on Australian industry standards. They are flexible depending on the complexity of the task, the length of the project, as well as the word count.

Structural Editing $51 per hour (per 1000 words)

Sometimes called substantive editing or developmental editing, is the most involved and time-consuming phase of the editorial process. Because of this, it is the most expensive, which is why many publishers are now reluctant to take on manuscripts that need structural work.

Manuscript Analysis Report Based on manuscript type and length | POA

This one page report provides unbiased and professional opinion on your manuscript’s commercial viability in the context of the current market climate.

The report indicates the potential audience and highlights the literary strengths and weaknesses (structure: plot, story, characterisation, dialogue, POV, theme, setting). It includes suggestions on how you could rework your manuscript to make it more likely to get the attention of a publisher/producer.

It is not a traditional review, and therefore offers little or no guidance on the artistic merits of the manuscript.

Writing Project based  | Between $0.22 and $0.95 per word

I am available for freelance writing projects, including executive proposal, pitch, ‘about the author’ cover blurb, story summary blurb, as well as ghost writing and novel adaptation.

Rates are negotiated based on individual projects and reflect the Australian industry standards (eg. AWG Guidelines). Please contact me to discuss.

Mentoring — Hourly | POA

Tailored to the individual’s needs and delivered to a pre-agreed plan. The base deposit includes mentoring plan preparation.


  • All projects require a deposit once a contract is entered into and before any work begins  25% off the contracted fee, or the applicable base fee for hourly projects.
  • Long-term assignments are charged progressively.
  • Services do not include the costs of any materials, supplies, postage, equipment rentals, or long-distance travel (3+ hours both ways) and related expenses. These are charged at cost and invoiced to the client.
  • Packaging of services, or long term engagement, attract a sliding discount.

Please contact me to discuss your needs.